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Top 10 Schools

Verified Athletics gives student athletes the opportunity to keep track of their own top college choices throughout the recruiting process. When athletes add a school to their Top 10 List, the school is notified. If the school is already recruiting the athlete, they now know that their recruiting efforts are appreciated. If the school is not already recruiting the athlete, it can put the athlete on their radar.

The Top 10 List is much more effective than an email to the school because you can send an email to hundreds of schools, and for that reason, many colleges don’t read them. When you add a school to your Top 10 List, the school is much more likely to view your profile because they know you are seriously interested in them. Furthermore, colleges can use the information to focus their recruiting efforts on athletes that they are still in the running for.

How it works:

1. Athletes add or delete colleges on their Top 10 List using a button on the “My Top 10 Schools” tab. (Athletes can add the same school more than once but it takes up multiple spots, that shows even greater interest).

My Top 10 List 1.png

2. When the school limit is full and you try to add an additional school you will receive the message outlined below. 

My Top 10 List 2.png

3. College coaches can view all of the athletes that have selected their school for one of the Top 10 List spots. (Athletes that have used two or more of their spots will be listed multiple times).

My Top 10 List 3.png