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One-Day Prospect Camps

Most college bound athletes, especially in the summer between their junior and senior year, get invitations to one-day prospect camps from various college programs. It is impossible to attend them all and picking more than a couple can be expensive and time-consuming. It is important for families to understand what to expect from college one-day prospect camps so they can make informed decisions on where to spend their time and money.

We’ve surveyed hundreds of college coaches across all collegiate divisions to better understand the dynamics of one-day prospect camps. Our survey found that the majority (65%) of colleges invite all of the athletes on their mailing list to their camps, with 35% of programs focusing on athletes that have a shot at a roster spot/scholarship. The focus on roster spot/scholarship athletes increases at the D1 level to 44%. This means that you are likely getting dozens of camp invitations from schools that are not actually interested in recruiting you.

Most coaches surveyed (85%) told us that they look at the rising seniors class at their camp. Division 1 FBS programs split their attention between rising seniors, juniors and sophomores. It’s important to note that FBS schools from major conferences told us that they focus on Sophomores and Juniors. The rest of the collegiate divisions (D1 FCS, D2, D3, NAIA, Juco) focus almost exclusively on rising seniors (94%).

Our data shows that while at camp, coaches mostly focus on individual and competitive drills. The emphasis on these two types of drills differs between divisions, with 78% of D1 coaches telling us that the competitive drills were the most important, while other coaches are split between individual drills and competitive drills.

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