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Lessons on college football recruiting

The lessons below are a crash course in college football recruiting. They are structured to provide you with the necessary tools so you can navigate the recruiting process more easily and avoid common pitfalls.

Lesson 1 : What are College Coaches Looking For?

Verified Athletics did extensive research and surveyed hundreds of college coaches in order to understand this question. These are the most important attributes coaches are looking for in a player. Read More

Lesson 2: NCAA Football Divisions and Other Playing Options

It is important for an athlete to understand his options when preparing for the recruiting process. We have prepared a list of all football divisions along with some of the facts that we thought would be most important to understand about each of them. Read More

Lesson 3: Recruiting Timeline

Understanding the timing for each of the recruiting phases is crucial to having a successful recruiting process. Each division has its own timing so we've created this lesson to clear things up. Read More

Lesson 4: Phase 1 - Coaches Grow Their Recruiting Lists

College coaches use several methods to look for players to evaluate. We've outlined the methods and what you should do during this phase of the process. Read More

Lesson 5: Phase 2 - Contacts & Offers

During the second phase of the recruiting process the college coaches rank the athletes on their list in order to determine who to offer and how much time to spend on each recruit. We give you an overview of how this process works and what you should do to be successful.  Read More

Lesson 6: Phase 3 - commitments

During the third phase of the recruiting timeline coaches are trying to get commitments from the top athletes on their recruiting board. In this lesson we outline the fast pace at which this phase of the process moves and what you should do to successfully navigate it. Read More

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