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Why Student Athletes Should Attend Our Events

At Verified Athletics, we are leveling the playing field for all athletes and giving them tools to understand the recruiting process. We survey the coaches in our database, as well as our advisory panel (you can read more about the panel HERE), in order to understand what college coaches are looking for.

One of the biggest questions we wanted to understand is what information college coaches need to take a serious look at a potential recruit. More than 60% of college coaches told us that athletic measurables along with transcripts increase the likelihood of getting the recruiting film seen. Additionally, one in nine coaches also specifically suggested that small school athletes should attend camps so they can get measured against athletes from larger schools. You can see the results of these surveys HERE and HERE.  

Our meticulous research, including the the survey results above, is precisely why we decided to offer athletic performance testing events. We want to provide the best and most accurate athletic performance information, free of any bias, to college coaches. This way, every student, no matter the school size or win-loss record, can have a chance to be recruited.

Verified Athletics includes the athletic performance testing results with your profile in a centralized database where college coaches can access those results alongside your contact information and transcript/test scores. All of this is designed to increase the likelihood the athlete will be evaluated and recruited by college coaches.

See our new video below to learn more about why student athletes should attend one of our events.

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