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Verified Athletics Names Its Advisory Panel of Coaches and Administrators


October 30, 2017 -- Verified Athletics, a new company that provides a state-of-the-art athletic performance testing service and a comprehensive online recruiting database,  named its Advisory Panel, comprised of coaches from the ranks of high school, college and NFL football. These coaches were integral in the development of Verified Athletics, founded by CEO Nate Slutzky, a former college football coach.

The Verified Athletics Advisory Panel includes professionals from the NFL, college football and high school ranks, including:

  • From the NFL: Edward Grayer, Strength Coach of the Los Angeles Rams, and Tariq Ahmad, an NFL scout with the San Francisco 49ers
  • From college football: 5 NCAA head coaches, a Big 10 offensive coordinator, an Atlantic Coast Conference assistant coach, an American Athletic Conference assistant coach, and over 10 other college coaches. NOTE: Due to NCAA regulations, these persons cannot be named.
  • From high school football: John Rodenberg, Head Coach at Archbishop Moeller (Ohio State Champion), John Holecek, Head Coach at Loyola Academy (Illinois State Champion) and Lou DiRienzo, Head Coach New Rochelle High School (New York State Champion)

In addition to their involvement in the design and formulation of Verified Athletics, the Advisory Panel will consult with the new venture on an ongoing basis.

"When I was coaching, I was always bothered by how inefficient and costly the recruiting process was for coaches and athletes," said Slutzky. "I knew there had to be a better way, and when I started talking to other coaches and friends in the industry, I realized I wasn't alone."

"I am pleased to help advise Verified Athletics. They are filling an important part of the recruiting process, making athletic testing available and affordable to so many student athletes," said John Holecek, a former NFL player who is now head coach of Illinois state champion Loyola Academy.

Added an NCAA Division I coach, "Verified Athletics has put a lot of effort into listening to what coaches need and ensuring that the data is reliable."

Verified Athletics performance testing events will launch at the end of January, 2018. In addition to ensuring that the data is reliable, Verified Athletics is making this service affordable and available to student athletes nationwide. Nearly 50 events are planned, each serving an estimated 500 student athletes. Performance data from these student athletes will be uploaded with their academic profiles and stored in Verified Athletics' centralized database, that can be accessed by college coaches across the country.

Student athletes and coaches can learn more about Verified Athletics by going to, where they will find a list of upcoming performance testing events and links to register.


Founded in 2017 by Nate Slutzky and Damir Makic, Verified Athletics is designed to serve the recruiting needs of high school student athletes and college coaches. Verified Athletics' mission is to provide athletic performance testing that is affordable and accessible to athletes, and to deliver the most reliable data and most up to date database of college football recruits to coaches nationwide. Verified Athletics will host nearly 50 athletic performance testing events is 2018, serving upwards of 25,000 high school recruits in its first year.

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