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Verified Athletics Launches a New Athletics Performance Testing Program

More affordable for student athletes; more efficient for coaches

October 25, 2017 -- Verified Athletics, a new company focused on improving college football recruiting, launched today with the announcement of a series of athletic performance testing events across the country. Designed by CEO and co-founder Nate Slutzky, a former college football coach, Verified Athletics promises affordability and accessibility to all student athletes, and is backed by a centralized hub of reliable recruiting data available to all college coaches.

"We realized that existing combines and other recruiting programs were not serving the needs of student athletes, or college coaches" said Slutzky, who coached at Fordham,  Rutgers, Colorado and Albright College during his career. "Many of these services are profiting on the dreams and passions of high school athletes and their families, rather than helping their recruiting efforts. Verified Athletics is what college football recruiting should be."

Verified Athletic performance testing events, launching in January, 2018, will be affordable to everyone. Student athletes can currently sign up for only $15. Verified will be working with high school coaches to make sure that students with financial hardships can participate for free. "We are partnering with a range of sponsors to help offset the high costs that other events are charging," said Damir Makic, co-founder and COO. "We want Verified Athletics to be accessible to all student athletes so their data can be available to college coaches nationwide."

To that end, Verified Athletics has carefully scheduled their athletic testing events within 120 miles of 95% of future college football players. This eliminates the need for extensive travel time for high school student athletes and their families, and further reduces the high costs. Additionally, Verified Athletics' proprietary database will ensure that performance results -- for every athlete at every event -- are available to college coaches at all schools, thus eliminating the need to travel to different parts of the country.

Designed with the input of an advisory panel of high school and college coaches, Verified Athletics will use the same state-of-the-art equipment that is used at the NFL Combine to ensure the most reliable data, free from human error. All testing events will be held in indoor sports facilities to prevent any differences due to weather conditions. Each student athlete's Verified Athletics profile will include performance testing data as well as personal and scholastic information, such as high school transcripts and test scores.

All recruiting information will be stored in Verified Athletics' centralized database, which will be accessed by college coaches at all levels nationwide. "We did the research and we know what coaches need," said Slutzky. "And we know that student athletes and their families will realize the importance -- and value -- of getting Verified."

Student athletes can learn more about Verified Athletics and sign up for upcoming athletic testing events at its website (


Founded in 2017 by Nate Slutzky, a former college football coach, and Damir Makic, a financial data analyst, Verified Athletics is designed to serve the recruiting needs of high school student athletes and college coaches. Verified Athletics' mission is to provide athletic performance testing that is affordable, accessible and accurate, and to deliver the most complete and up to date database of college football recruits to coaches nationwide. Verified Athletics will host nearly 50 athletic performance testing events is 2018, serving upwards of 25,000 high school recruits in its first year.

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