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Our Mission

Accurate. Accessible. Affordable.

Verified Athletics believes in the power of a well-informed recruiting process.

Our Mission



A service for high school athletes that makes the recruiting process more transparent, accessible, informative, and most importantly, affordable.

Data Accuracy

A valuable recruiting tool for college coaches that helps them efficiently identify quality student athletes with less cost & more accuracy.


Who We Are


We believe there are too many services charging student athletes and their parents significant amounts of money in order to provide "exposure" to college programs. These high-priced services have cultivated a negative stigma because the data they provide to college recruiting programs is unreliable. Therefore, college recruiting programs pay little attention to these services while conducting their recruiting process.

When we looked at the industry, we realized there could be an easier and more cost-effective way to provide visibility for student athletes while providing accurate and reliable data to college programs.

This is the vision that drove us to create Verified Athletics. We provide a FREE platform for athletes where they can provide transcripts, test scores and contact information in a centralized and comprehensive database. By centralizing the process, we provide maximum exposure for athletes and a nationwide data set for college coaches so they can focus on the right recruits for their class needs.

Our Database

Our Verified Watch List is designed with college coaches in mind and provides only the data coaches are looking for, without any up-sell or paid promotion of athletes. We've utilized our substantial knowledge of the recruiting process and combined it with guidance from dozens of football coaches on our advisory board to create a comprehensive and centralized hub for recruit data. Each student athlete is associated with a profile which contains their most pertinent information. The Verified Watch List is highly searchable and segmented to fit the needs of coaches at every level of collegiate competition. Click here to subscribe to our database.

Our Testing Events

Our goal is to combine the valuable athlete data with our precise athletic performance results in order to create a comprehensive profile for each athlete on our platform. Our CEO, Nate Slutzky, built on his coaching expertise at the elite university level to create an extensive testing program designed to measure the type of athletic skills coaches find valuable. We utilize state-of-the-art electronic equipment in order to provide the most scientifically accurate data possible. The 40 yard dash is tested using the same laser timing equipment as the NFL Scouting Combine, and the height and weight are measured utilizing the latest in medical-grade equipment for scientific level of accuracy. Tests are administered by trained proctors in order to minimize human error.