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Exposure For Your Athletes


The Verified Watch List

High School Profiles Designed to make your life easier

We understand that communicating with college coaches and setting up recruiting visits can be frustrating and time consuming. By completing a profile, we will get your contact information to hundreds of college coaches. In addition, you can instruct college coaches on how to set up recruiting visits and when you are available to see them. By sending us information on your athletes, we can make college coach visits more efficient. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and it will save you hours during the recruiting process.

Exposure For Your Athletes

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Our mission is to make college football recruiting accessible and affordable for all high school athletes. Student athletes can apply to the Verified Watch List and create a profile for free, and within minutes their information is available to all of the college coaches on our network.


Give your athletes maximum exposure by signing up and including your roster for Free

Add Your Roster to the Verified Watch List

You can also add your roster to the Verified Watch List through an easy online form or by sending our team an excel spreadsheet and we will upload the athletes for you. The Verified Watch List is designed to get college coaches what they need to recruit your athletes. After uploading your information we will create a spreadsheet for you that you can use to email or hand to college coaches that has all of the information college coaches are looking for.


Head Coaches top 10 List

Verified Athletics helps high school coaches identify which schools are truly interested in their athletes. The Head Coaches Top 10 List is a better indicator of serious recruiting interest than any letter, call, or visit, because each college is limited to 10 recruits. This information will allow you to set evidence-based expectations with your athletes and their families while empowering you to promote your athletes to other schools. Learn more here.


Give your athletes maximum exposure by signing up and including your roster for Free