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Head Coaches List

Verified Athletics helps student athletes identify which schools are truly interested in them, something that student athletes can have a hard time figuring out. The Head Coaches List is a better indicator of serious recruiting interest than any letter, call, or visit, because each college can only select a limited number of recruits for their list.

The Head Coaches List is also a valuable recruiting tool for colleges. When they use one of their limited spots on an athlete, it helps the college stand out by showing the athlete that they are an important recruit for their school.

How it works:

1. Colleges add athletes to their Head Coaches List by clicking a button at the bottom of the athlete's profile. (Colleges can add the same athlete more than once but it takes up multiple spots, that shows even greater interest).

Head Coaches List 1.png

2. When the school reaches the Head Coaches List limit, the “Add Athlete to Head Coaches List” button will disappear. The button will be replaced by a message alerting the school that they have reached the limit for the number of athletes they can add to their list. 

Head Coaches List 2.png

3. College coaches can rate athletes for sorting purposes and remove them to clear room for new recruits on their Head Coaches List. (Only the college coach will see the athletes rating).

Head Coaches List 3.png

4. Each athlete can log in to their profile and see all of the teams that have selected him for one of their spots (schools that have used two or more of their spots will be listed multiple times).

Head Coaches List 4.png

5. High school coaches can also see all of their athletes that have been added to the Head Coaches List and the colleges that have added them. This empowers high school coaches to set realistic expectations with their players and parents during the recruiting process.

Head Coaches List 5.png