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Lesson 6: Phase 3 - Commitments

During the third phase of the recruiting timeline coaches are trying to get commitments from the top athletes on their recruiting board. It is not guaranteed that the athletes they want the most will commit to their school and they don't want to miss out on other good athletes while waiting for the top ones. Everything during this phase can change quickly. As athletes commit to schools, coaches fill the spot on their roster or move on to the next name on their list if their top choice has committed somewhere else. The recruiting board at every school changes drastically every recruiting weekend in December and January as athletes commit to schools. Speak to the coaches that are recruiting you at least once a week during this time.

Colleges offer more scholarships to athletes than they have to give, knowing that they likely will not get a commitment from every athlete they make an offer to. The first athlete to accept the offer gets it. Waiting too long to accept an offer may mean that someone else takes it first. Learning about the schools that are offering you scholarships or roster spots early and knowing where you stand on the recruiting boards of other schools is important. The earlier you are ready to make a decision, the less likely it is that a good opportunity will pass you by.

What Should You Do During This Phase?

You need to understand where you are on the recruiting boards of the schools recruiting you. Learn as much as you can about those schools so you can be ready to make a decision when the right opportunity comes along. The more opportunities you have that you are indifferent to, the more you can afford to wait for an offer that stands out or for something new to come along. Most athletes never feel 100% sure before making a decision. When you are 90% sure, make your commitment and spend your energy making your decision the right one by making the most of it.

A cautionary word: some athletes commit to hold their best offer and still keep their recruiting open. That is dishonest, you wouldn't want that school to do the same thing to you. 

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