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Lesson 4: Phase 1 - Coaches Grow Their Recruiting Lists

College coaches use several methods to look for players to evaluate:

  • High School Coaches - College coaches start by talking to high school coaches and ask them for a list of players they believe have the ability and desire to play college football.
  • Recruiting Services - Coaches use recruiting services that evaluate athletes in order to augment their lists. It is important to note that they mostly DO NOT use or trust services that charge athletes because those services are biased and typically over-inflate the athlete’s ability.
  • Combine Results & All-State/All-Conference Lists - These are valuable tools that help coaches find players that stand out.
  • In-Person Evaluation at Summer Camps - While summer camps are mostly used to evaluate players already on the college coach's list, on occasion a good performance can get the attention of college coaches (mostly D2/D3).

As coaches are gathering names they will immediately look for a highlight tape and a transcript so they can evaluate players academically and athletically. The ones that pass both tests get added to the recruiting board.

What Should You Do During This Phase:

  1. Talk to your high school coach and let them know that you want to play college football.
  2. Put together and share a great highlight tape. Check our our article about how to put together a good highlight tape (using the attributes from Lesson 1)
  3. Make your transcript available to coaches. The best way to do that is to apply to the Verified Watch List. The Verified Watch List is where college coaches go to find, watch and evaluate high school athletes. Click here to apply and share your information with hundreds of coaches from all conferences and divisions.
  4. Get good grades. A college coach cannot do anything for you if you do not have good enough grades to pass his school’s admission standards. Read more in our article about the importance of academics in the recruiting process.


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