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What is Verified Athletics?

We created the first comprehensive testing and data collection program designed to get college coaches all the information they need on high school athletes nationwide. Our team understands recruiting is an intensive and time-consuming process. Utilizing our extensive skills in financial data management and college football coaching experience to create a centralized hub for verified and precise information on student athletes that can be accessed at any time, anywhere. Let Verified Athletics do the legwork for you by providing reliable athletic, academic and contact information. With our database, college coaches can focus on evaluating and signing the right recruits they need for their programs.


What we Provide


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The Verified Watch List

Our team has designed a database to get you the information you need to discover and evaluate prospects. We have done the hard work for you, so you don't have to waste time acquiring accurate academic, athletic, and contact information on every prospect.

What You Get

Academic Data

Profiles in our database can be sorted by verified GPA and include a copy of the student athlete's transcript and latest SAT/ACT results in order to provide you with a full academic picture of a potential recruit.

Contact Data

Each athlete that attends our events creates a profile with personal contact information, including their parents and high school coaches. 

Comprehensive Profile

Each profile includes a link to the most recent highlight tape to go along with academic, personal and high school data is combined to provide a full picture of a potential recruit.


Athletic performance data

Verified Athletics will also be performing comprehensive athletic performance testing in order to provide you with the data you need the most. Student athletes' physical measurements are taken with precision. The athletes are then tested in the 40-yard dash, vertical leap, and broad jump. Our tests are performed using state-of-the-art laser timers used at the NFL Scouting Combine and medical grade digital equipment in order to minimize human error. Our computer systems are designed with algorithms to catch any data errors, which allows us to re-test athletes before they leave when the numbers don’t add up.

Show Recruits Some Love

Head Coaches List

Show the athletes on the top of your recruiting board some love by adding them to your Head Coaches List. This is more significant to an athlete than any handwritten note or phone call because we limit the amount of athletes colleges can have on their list at any given time. The athlete will be notified in his own personal profile that he has made it to your Head Coaches List. Don’t let the other recruiters in your conference pass you by and learn more.

Athletes Top 10 Schools

Athletes can do the same by adding your school to their top 5 list. Get the most out of your recruiting efforts by focusing on athletes that are still interested in your program. Discover new athletes that are already interested in your school to help you round out your recruiting class. Stay in the know about what your recruits are thinking and learn more.

Save Time and Money With Verified Athletics

Filter Athletes To Save Time

Our database enables you to segment and sort results based on GPA, high school coach rating, county, states and schools of the recruits you are looking for. You can focus on the athletes that fit your needs.


Database of over 15,000 High Schools

We have a profile on every high school in the country. Our database is designed to deliver all of the information that coaches need to be productive recruiters. We have updated contact information and how the high school coaches would like you to set up appointments. Our information can be updated by high school and college coaches, to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.  


The Power of Choice

Verified Athletics believes in the power of choice. We think that you should only have access to the data you are interested in. Our database is segmented into 16 regions in order to tailor to your recruiting needs. This way you get access to the data you are looking for without having to sift through information that is not pertinent to your recruiting process.


Verified Athletics is committed to providing the most comprehensive and accurate recruiting data at a price that is affordable for every college in the country. The data is currently available for free, so sign up now



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