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How HS Coaches Build Leadership and Character In Their Programs

High school coaches have a lot of great ideas for building leadership, teamwork, and character on their teams.

The common thread is finding creative ways for your athletes to spend time together. The top answers were team meals, community service projects, and summer camps or events.


Many teams have programs designed to specifically develop mentorship and leadership. Mike Scott, Head Coach at Annandale HS in Virginia, has created a leadership council in addition to matching seniors with freshmen to pass down the team culture to the next generation.

One of the best responses -  taking the team to college football games - was by Ethan Jeros, head coach at Highstown HS in NJ . More HS coaches should take advantage of this opportunity to get your team together and watch football played at a higher level. Best of all, it is free for your athletes to attend as “recruits” even if they aren’t recruited. I recommend a D2 or D3 game. At a smaller school you can hear a lot more of the communication on the field which will be a great example for your players.

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