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How do HS Athletes Want to be Contacted by College Coaches?

As a recruiter, it is important to understand how to get a hold of potential recruits you are interested in before someone else does. Engaging an athlete through frequent conversations is the best way to build a relationship with them. Having a contact plan is something every coach should have prepared before they start reaching out.

We want to help you formulate that plan by getting to understand the preferred methods of communication for today’s recruits. We surveyed hundreds of college bound football players in the class of 2019. They told us how they prefer to be contacted by college coaches.

To our surprise, there was an even split between twitter direct messages (DM), text, and phones calls.

How do high school football players want to be contacted.png

The results were the same in all regions across the country. These results demonstrate that coaches should be using all three of these methods while contacting recruits until they learn which approach is the most effective with each athlete.

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