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Verified Watch List

Verified Athletics offers elite high school athletes the ability to share their data with college programs from all divisions, nationwide for FREE. Athletes looking to play at the next level can apply to be part of our Verified Watch List by filling out an application. The Verified Watch list is where college coaches go to find, watch and evaluate high school athletes. Becoming a part of our database gives you the best exposure to college programs, nationwide.



We know what information college coaches are looking for to determine what athletes to recruit and give scholarships to. If accepted, we will create a complete profile of your information and share it with the college coaches in our network, including Penn State, Louisville, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Syracuse, Kansas, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Princeton and many more - from all divisions nationwide. Best of all it's FREE! There are no up-sells or gimmicks to get you to pay more. We promise to never charge athletes for using the Verified Watch List because we believe in the power of informed and affordable college recruiting. Get Verified! 


This is a great starting point for anyone interested in better understanding the college football recruiting process. It provides a Beginner Guide To College Football Recruiting and six lessons that break down recruiting - from "What Coaches Are Looking For In a Recruit" to "Offers and Commitments". You will also find articles with our cutting edge research and an FAQ where you can get your recruiting questions answered. ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

Head Coaches top 10 List

Verified Athletics helps student athletes identify which schools are truly interested in them. The Head Coaches List is a better indicator of serious recruiting interest than any letter, call, or visit, because each college is limited to 10 recruits on their Head Coaches List. Each time a school selects an athlete to their list, that athlete will get an email notification and the entire list of interested schools will always be available in the athlete's profile. Learn more here.

My Top 10 List

Verified Athletics gives student athletes the opportunity to keep track of their own top college choices throughout the recruiting process. When athletes add a school to their top 10 list, it notifies that college. If the school is already recruiting the athlete, they now know that their recruiting efforts are appreciated. If the school is not already recruiting the athlete, it can put the athlete on their radar. Learn more here.

Testing Events

Our testing events are designed to accurately measure your athletic performance and get the results in the hands of college coaches. We have selected the tests that college coaches rely on the most. Each test is scientifically measured using state-of-the-art equipment, including laser timers used in the NFL Scouting Combine so that the results are accurate and consistent nationwide.

What We Test