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89% of Coaches Say That Other High Schools Are Recruiting Their Players

Many coaches asked for us to touch on the topic of high schools recruiting athletes from other high schools. This is a point of major frustration, especially for coaches that want to do things by the rules and set an honorable example for their teams.


Only 11% of coaches said that no other teams try to recruit their athletes. However, no school conceded that they recruit other players to replace the ones they lose. 


The top three responses were:

I work hard to form relationships with the players on my team
I work hard to form relationships with the parents of the players on my team
I focus on the players that want to be here.

These answers were more popular than responses like  “registering complaints”, “players don’t want to leave”, “nobody recruits my players”, or that “it is not allowed and well enforced”.

While most coaches want to return to an era where this is not something they have to worry about, should players have to go to school and play for a team that they don’t want to play for?

Comparing the top answers to the bottom answers seems to indicate that most coaches don’t want to be the ones to tell an athlete that wants to play somewhere else that he can’t.

Most coaches are mitigating the problem by creating an environment where players and parents want to stay. In the cases where they do lose athletes, coaches just focus on coaching the players that want to be there.

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